OCamlPAM is a wrapper for the Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) library. PAM provides a flexible mechanism for authenticating users via administrator-defined policies. PAM has modules for authenticating via Unix passwd files, Kerberos, LDAP, etc. Additional modules for custom authentication mechanisms can be created and deployed without recompiling existing services based on PAM. Moreover, policies defining the authentication requirements can be changed at runtime without restarting running services.


Since OCamlPAM is based on the PAM library, it exposes a similar interface. The documentation for the PAM API can be found in The Linux-PAM Application Developers' Guide.

OCamlPAM-specific details can be found within the README of the distribution.


OCamlPAM is distributed under the MIT license. Note that OCamlPAM depends on a native PAM implementation which may be distributed under a different license. For example, Linux-PAM is distributed under a dual BSD/GPL license.


If you find a bug in OCamlPAM, please email a report to sharvil.nanavati@gmail.com.